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As the top-rated provider of tree service in Star, MS, Barone’s Tree Pros are the service professionals to call when nothing other than the best will do. Our passion is helping our customers to have the most stunning landscape from the roots up. We are fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind, and we aren’t satisfied until you are impressed with our work. We provide tree trimming, tree removal, tree pruning, tree stump removal, debris clean up, and more. Need a quote or a free inspection? Contact us today.

Star, MS Tree Services

Need Star, MS, Tree Service? Barone’s Tree Pros is here to help. We get it. The last thing you want to do on a sunny Saturday morning is deal with scraggly looking bushes and unruly tree limbs. While unwanted tree stumps don’t actually speak, one can’t help but feel like they are saying “deal with it, I’m here to stay” when looking at them. We have good news for you. We are here to give you your Saturday morning back and we’ll show that irritating tree stump who’s boss.

Tree Trimming Service

Why do you need a tree trimming service? Beyond keeping your tree limbs trimmed properly to make your property look it’s best, there are other reasons. Did you know that untrimmed tree branches agitated by strong winds cause millions of dollars in roof and property damage each year? Whether it’s from scratching holes in your roof during inclement weather or heavy branches breaking and falling on vehicles in driveways, unruly tree branches can be dangerous. This is where we come in to trim your trees to keep your property safe and your trees looking their best year-round.

Tree Pruning

Likewise, tree pruning helps to keep your trees healthy and attractive, which adds to your home’s overall curb appeal in a big way. Pruning your trees can cut out diseased portions that could infect them with tree-borne illnesses. Some of which can be fatal. For flowering trees or ones that bear fruit in season, tree pruning is crucial to ensure both beautiful blossoms and bountiful harvests. Over pruning your trees can harm your tree’s ability to properly absorb both sunlight and water, which can then lead to unhealthy or even dead trees. Trust the professionals at Barone’s Tree pros to do it right so you can enjoy the benefits.

Tree Removal Service

Homeowners in Star, MS, call on us for tree removal service for all kinds of reasons. Do you have a tree that has grown too close to your home? Are its roots causing problems with your plumbing or other areas? Do you have a dead tree or trees on your property that could be a potential fall hazard and need to be professionally removed before an accident occurs? No matter what your need for tree removal is, Barone’s Tree Pros has many years of experience in the safe and professional removal of unwanted trees in and around the Star, MS, area.

Debris & Stump Removal

Why tree stump removal? In addition to being an obstruction and potential trip hazard on your property, it can cause other costly problems you may not be thinking about. Did you know that a home that has a tree stump on its property is five times more likely to suffer from termite infestations? That alone can cause thousands of dollars in damage. Tree stumps are alluring and convenient termite nests that can result in unseen and very costly damage to your home. Call on us to ensure that this tragedy doesn’t happen to you. We also offer debris removal to help keep your home looking great.

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