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Are you a resident of Clinton Mississippi? Have recent storms uprooted a tree or displaced some limbs? Need an inspection of the trees that surround your home to ensure safety? We are glad to discuss with you or take a look at what concerns you may have with your trees. Barones Trees Pros, has experienced staff in Clinton MS Tree Service and has the perfect solution for all your Tree troubles. Our professional tree removal teams are arborists and tree surgeons who are not only adept at handling removals but can also advise you on the overall health of the trees surrounding your home in the Clinton MS area so that any future accidents or inconvenience caused by weak trees and limbs can be avoided. We realize that tree removal can be dangerous and is ranked as the foremost factor leading to worker injury and fatality by the US Department of Health. Keeping this in mind, our staff is covered by insurance and we would gladly provide you with a copy of our insurance and coverage for assurance. We provide the following services:
  • Tree removal in Clinton MS
  • Tree pruning in Clinton MS
  • Stump Grinding in Clinton MS
  • Debris Cleanup in Clinton MS
Tree Removal can be a one-time job or an ongoing project like in case of clearing land populated by trees for construction. In both cases, are team is well equipped to handle the situation. Our fleet has the capability of reaching high trees to remove or prune without causing damage to the surroundings. Our equipment is effective in removing shrubbery and debris. Our removal services in Clinton MS leave the site free of debris without any signs of damage or remains lying around. Tree pruning, on the other hand, is an ongoing activity. Trees will normally require pruning every four months to remain aesthetically appealing and safe. Outgrown branches & disproportionate limbs are a hazard and in case of strong winds, likely to cause damage. Moreover, overgrown trees invite pests. It’s always better to get to the root of any problem. The tree stumps, a reminder of fallen trees, are not only distracting to the beauty of your landscape but can regrow any time. Moreover, the roots are alive under the surface, growing continuously and can grow into and obstruct the drainage lines. Our experts with over 30 years of experience can carefully remove the stumps and roots so that they would not be a potential harm to your property in the future. We treat our customers the way we want to be treated. For all our jobs, we ensure that we clean up and remove the debris so that your yard will look at its best.  Call us today for a customized quotation. We have special discounted prices for senior citizens and veterans.

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