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Living in Raymond Mississippi is like living in a bygone era, the era of peace and tranquility, with a steady pace of life. It is the perfect place to retire, having a property surrounded by a vast garden and yard. Being near the Capital of Mississippi, Raymond MS has a very fertile land where trees and shrubs need more maintenance than in any other place. Due to this, property owners will want to have a professional Raymond MS tree service for regular maintenance. Are there dead trees lying around your property? Dead logs may seem harmless but they provide shelter to ants and pests to reproduce. The rotting wood provides food and an ideal environment to them. Moreover, the limbs can act as a bridge for termites and ants to your home. Don’t let termites find the way to your home. Call Barones Trees Pros, the premium Raymond MS tree service today! Barons Trees Pros have been serving the Raymond MS for years. We have the necessary expertise and skills to get the job done efficiently. Our tree service teams include a tree surgeon, a certified arborist and experienced workers who are equipped with the latest machinery and trucks to enable them to provide the best in town services to our customers. Being a small city, it might be difficult to find certified tree maintenance companies when you need them urgently. Our teams work throughout the week to provide our clients solutions for any issues that they may be having related to tree. Moreover, in a city like Raymond, tree maintenance is an ongoing task to ensure that the trees remain healthy and bug and pest free. We provide the following services:
  • Tree removal in Raymond MS: We remove fallen trees, dead trees, or diseased trees and transport them away from your property
  • Tree pruning in Raymond MS: Our staff, with the help of special trucks, prunes and trims the trees to make them look their best and to remove overbearing limbs and branches
  • Stump Grinding in Raymond MS: we remove the unsightly stump without damaging your property
  • Debris Cleanup in Raymond MS: With our fleet of equipment, we clean and remove shrubs and yard waste
We realize that tree removal can be a dangerous task and is ranked as the foremost factor leading to worker injury and fatality, as stated by the US Department of Health. Keeping this in mind, our staff is covered by insurance and we would gladly provide you with a copy of our insurance and coverage for assurance. We treat our customers the way we want to be treated. For all our jobs, we ensure that we clean up and remove the debris so that your yard will look at its best. Call Barones Trees Pros, the best Raymond MS tree service for a customized quotation. We have special discounted prices for senior citizens and veterans.

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