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Barone’s Tree Pros remains the best tree servicing company in Mississippi. We provide several services, including tree removal, tree trimming, landscaping, and debris and trunk removal. We’re fully insured and licensed and have experts on our team who can help you diagnose problems or danger trees, sick trees, and more.

Pelahatchie, MS Tree Services

Curb appeal is an essential part of your property value, and your landscaping plays a huge role in that. Keeping your trees thoughtfully trimmed keeps them healthy and gives your yard a vibrant, luscious look that can’t be beaten. If you’re looking to sell your home, one of the top things realtors suggest is making sure your curb appeal is high. Your trees play a huge part in that. Barone’s Tree Pros can help you do that.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Keeping your trees trimmed neatly is more than just making your property look appealing. Pruning your trees will also help keep them nice and healthy, as while we trim, we look for any signs of poor health. Trimming your fruit trees also gives you a better harvest each year. Keeping trees pruned is also like giving them a check-up annually, just like humans get.

Tree Health

Did you know that your trees can get sick, just like we can? They will show signs of poor health. Things like bare branches, weird bald spots, signs of wilting, or discoloration of leaves can all be signs of poor health in your trees. Make sure to look up and see how your trees are doing. If they’re looking a little under the weather, give Barone’s a call. We’ve got tree specialists on staff who can diagnose and help solve your tree’s problems.

Tree Removal

In the tree industry, there’s a term called “danger trees.” These are trees that can wreak havoc on habitats, other trees, and your property. During a particularly bad windstorm or tornado, one of these dangerous trees fell onto a property’s bedroom, unfortunately ending the life of the occupant. We don’t want that to happen to anyone. Danger trees can be anything from a dead tree, a sick tree, or even a tree that has an unruly root system. Sometimes, you can end up with a tree whose roots grow into things like pipes, foundations, or septic systems. You don’t want to see what happens when roots break pipes. It’s not pretty. Barone’s can help diagnose these dangerous trees and safely remove them before something tragic happens.

Stump and Debris Removal

Tree removal can create a lot of mess that not only looks unsightly but also can invite destructive insects. There are many ways to handle the debris that’s left after a windstorm or a trimming. Generally, at Barone’s, we tend to mulch the tree pieces, trees, and stumps that are left, allowing an economically and environmentally sustainable solution to this problem. Mulch can be used in other areas of your yard, creating landscape features, or can be used as compost or as weed control. Putting down a bed of mulch will inhibit weed growth, saving you valuable weekend time and taking a major chore off your honey-do list!

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Does your yard need some maintenance, and it’s one of the things that keeps falling by the wayside on your to-do list? Barone’s Tree Pros can help. Not only will we give you a free estimate, but we’ll also help you make plans for the trees in your yard to ensure that they’re healthy and happy for many years to come.

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