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Canton Mississippi is a beautiful place to live in with a lot of history and significance as being the county seat of Madison County. It holds a lot of attractions for the visitors. Canton, like other cities in the Mississippi region, is dotted with Oak Trees. Generally, an Oak tree can live from two hundred to three hundred years but there are Oak trees that have survived floods, storms and wars for over 1500 years! Oak Trees not only define the terrain of the Mississippi region, but are a part of the region’s heritage.   Recently, the Oak trees of Canton have been threatened by the Oak Wilt fungus, which can attack the roots and or event sac from flowing up the trucks. Eventually the tree will starve and die. It is a serious issue and a certified arborist can identify this problem. These trees can survive if proper care is provided at the right time. Barones Trees Pros are a team of experienced tree surgeons, arborists and workers and we have been working in the Canton Mississippi region for over 30 years. Tree removal can be a dangerous task and realizing this, our staff is covered by insurance. We can gladly share our insurance coverage if requested by clients. Call us at Barones Tree Pros for all your tree related issues. We have been the leading tree services provider in the Canton Mississippi vicinity for over three decades and have the necessary expertise and skills to get the job done efficiently. Our tree service teams include a tree surgeon, a certified arborist and experienced workers who are equipped with the latest machinery and trucks to enable them to provide the best in town services to the customers. We provide the following services:
  • Tree removal in Canton MS: We remove dead or diseased trees and transport them away from your Canton MS property
  • Tree pruning in Canton MS: Our staff, with the help of special trucks, prunes and trims the trees to make them look their best and to remove overbearing limbs and branches
  • Stump Grinding in Canton MS: we remove the unsightly stump without damaging your property
  • Debris Cleanup in Canton MS: With our fleet of equipment, we clean and remove shrubs and yard waste.
We treat our customers the way we want to be treated. For all our jobs, we ensure that we clean up and remove the debris so that your yard will look at its best. Call us today for a customized quotation. We have special discounted prices for senior citizens and veterans.

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