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Barone’s Tree Pros is the number one tree service company in Mississippi. We provide all the services you’ll need to maintain a gorgeous landscape, keep your curb appeal vibrant, and nurture the health of your trees. Not only are we fully insured and licensed, we actually care about the trees on your property as though they were our own. Our services include tree trimming, tree and stump removal, debris removal, and more.

Richland, MS Tree Services 

Are unruly trees and shrubs making your yard look scraggly, as if you don’t care about it? Is trimming your trees on your to-do list, but it just keeps getting pushed to next weekend’s list? Barone’s Tree Pros to the rescue! We’ll get your landscaping looking fabulous without you lifting a single finger!

Tree Trimming

Did you know that trimming or pruning a tree is more than just for looks? Your trees can get sick, just like we can, and they show it in some pretty distinct ways. Bare limbs, discolored leaves, overall wilting, and generally looking wrong are all signs of disease. Fruit trees need more pruning than your average oak or evergreen does. They’ll produce a greater harvest if you prune them back annually. That doesn’t mean evergreens and oak trees don’t need trimming, however. Keeping them trimmed helps their health, but it also keeps them looking beautiful, which is why you planted them in the first place, right?

Tree Health

As we mentioned above, trees are pretty good at showing signs of poor health. Beyond just the bare limbs, you can also do a bark test. This test is one of the best ways to tell if a tree is still alive. Underneath the dry, outer bark on a tree trunk is a layer called cambium. In living trees, this layer is green and looks vibrant. Using your fingernail or a small knife, remove a bit of the exterior bark. You’re looking for green tissue, which will show that the tree is alive. Just make sure you do it on the main trunk and not a branch — branches can be dead on a live tree.

Problem Trees

If there were one word that encompassed problem trees, that word would be “willow.” Willow trees can be troublesome, even though they look beautiful. The thing about willow trees is that their root systems seek water, wherever it may be, including your storm drains, your septic system, your drainage systems — almost anywhere water can be found. Their root system actively seeks out water and is strong enough to break pipes, crack foundations, and violate septic systems, causing more significant problems. Willows aren’t the only trees that can cause issues, however. Barone’s Tree Pros can create a plan to remove willows and other problem trees without damaging your property needlessly.

Stump and Debris Removal

Tree stumps are often just left on the property after the tree is removed, and they can be unsightly. They can attract the kinds of bugs that can cause damage to your home, as well. Barone’s Tree Pros can help find environmentally sustainable solutions for your fallen trees and stumps. We can turn them into mulch, which you can then use as landscaping, turn into compost, and use as weed control.

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Take a look at your trees. Are they in need of some tender loving care? Maybe a bit of a trim, perhaps a check-up? Call Barone’s Tree Pros for a free estimate and some advice on how best to keep your trees looking their best. It’s more than just maintenance — it’s also about the curb appeal of your home, and keeping your property values high!

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