Tree Removal

Tree Removal in Brandon, MS, and Surrounding Areas 

If you need tree removal in Brandon, MS, for any reason, call the tree care experts of Barone’s Tree Pros to take care of it. Our crew of certified arborists can safely remove any tree to improve the safety and appearance of your home. Whether you need us to remove a fallen tree after a storm or cut down a damaged or dying tree, you can trust us for reliable, efficient, and affordable service. 

Signs You Need to Call a Tree Service 

Trees add a lot to any landscape, but they can also become hazards if they develop a disease, become infested with pests, or become overgrown. Regular tree pruning and trimming can prevent many issues, but sometimes removing trees is necessary for safety or to preserve the health of surrounding trees. We recommend calling us about tree removal when:

  • A tree is dead or dying and is at risk of breaking or falling.
  • A tree’s roots are damaging your property, including the foundation or utility lines, or the sidewalk. 
  • A tree has damaged and weak branches.
  • A tree has an untreatable disease. 
  • A tree has overgrown to the point where it blocks light, or it’s crowding other trees. 

Choose Barone’s Tree Pros for All Your Tree Cutting Needs

Barone’s Tree Pros puts customer service first so that you can expect fast and efficient tree removal. We remove all debris and grind the tree stump, ensuring an easy and hassle-free experience. If you need tree removal in Brandon, MS, call us at (601) 345-8090 today. 


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