Florence MS Tree Service

Florence MS Tree Service

Are your trees healthy? Do you know how to tell? Barone’s Tree Pros is Mississippi’s leading tree service company, and we can help you determine what’s best for your trees. We’re fully insured and licensed, and trees are our life. We offer many services, including tree removal, pruning and trimming of unruly trees, and debris and stump removal.

Tree Services in Florence, MS

It’s not just about your trees. It’s about your landscaping and the curb appeal of your property. This factor is one of the main things that can persuade a potential buyer to consider buying your home, and it can give you great joy daily as well. No one wants to look out their windows at scraggly, ugly trees!

Pruning and Tree Trimming

Keeping your trees trimmed keeps them healthy, but can also keep them looking shapely and attractive. The whole point of pruning a tree is to keep them healthy and, in the case of fruit trees, producing more fruit. Our tree specialists will ensure your foliage’s health, create a good looking shape, and trim off any dead limbs.

Tree Health

Pruning and trimming do more than making sure that you get a bountiful harvest. Before we begin to prune a tree, we start by looking at its overall health, ensuring that there are no dead limbs or any other visible illness. Just like people, trees can become ill or diseased, and they can show visible signs of these concerns. Bare limbs, an overall wilting appearance, discolored leaves — these are all signs that your tree is not happy.

Tree Removal

Sometimes, some trees just need to be taken out. They may be dead trees, or it could be that they’re the ones we call “problem trees.” These are the trees whose roots can spread too far, reaching into pipes or septic systems, and even into your foundation. Our tree specialists will help determine how far the root system has spread and develop a plan to remove the offending tree with the least amount of disruption.

Debris Removal

Trees are messy, and well, sometimes we are too. Trimming a tree creates a lot of mess, but the good news is that we can take care of all of that for you. Mississippi is in a tornado zone, as we all know, and trees can lose limbs, leaves, and sometimes even the whole tree may be uprooted. Barone’s Tree Pros are completely equipped to clear all of that debris for you.

Stump Removal

Removing an unsightly stump is about more than just aesthetics. Sure, it’s not pretty, but did you know they can also attract some nasty insects? Termites, beetles, and carpenter ants, oh my! The good news is, our stump removal service takes out the stump and also the root system, which can be the most problematic.

Economically Sustainable Solutions

Grinding up stumps and problem trees can benefit you in ways you may not have considered. A mulched up tree can be used for landscaping, weed control, and even composting. Turn the trees that are causing you grief on your lawn into a serviceable, useful product!

Call the Premiere Tree Service in Florence, MS!

If your trees or your overall landscaping needs some love, give the best tree service in Florence, MS, a call. Barone’s Tree Pros is delighted to offer you solutions to all your tree problems. We pride ourselves on providing expert advice and services for all your tree needs.

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