Why Is Pruning Important for Trees?

Why is pruning important to tree care? According to the team at Barones Tree Pros, Brandon’s professional tree service company, proper pruning significantly benefits your tree’s health, appearance, and structural integrity. Keep reading to learn how pruning can help your tree grow robust and beautiful.

What Is Pruning? 

Pruning involves selectively removing branches during the dormant season to benefit a tree’s overall shape and health. While forest trees can grow however they’d like, trees in populated areas become a safety risk without proper maintenance. In a forest, the surrounding trees limit a tree’s size and shape and prevent overgrowth.

For your trees, however, you must artificially prevent overgrowth. Some common forms of pruning are as follows:

  • Maintenance pruning removes dead or diseased branches and helps shape the tree according to its species.
  • Reducing density prevents rot and allows sunlight and airflow in, strengthening and beautifying the tree.
  • Size management maintains a tree’s appropriate size and lessens potential structural or property damage.

Your tree expert will determine which type of pruning your tree needs for healthy growth, depending on its health, last pruning, and age.

The Benefits of Pruning 

Why is pruning important? Aside from the obvious enhanced curb appeal, pruning your trees provides many benefits to your property and the tree’s health. In the following, we’ve explained some benefits you’ll receive from professional tree trimming.

Increase New Growth

Your tree will grow new, healthy buds and branches when pruned effectively. Fruit trees yield a larger crop after annual pruning, and removing a damaged branch makes room for younger, stronger branches to take its place.

Extended Lifespan

Trees that receive routine pruning live longer, healthier lives than their counterparts. Removing diseased or broken limbs limits your tree’s exposure to dangerous illnesses and fungal infections.

Minimize Property Damage

Large swinging branches can break in inclement weather and crash into your roof or car. Regular pruning reduces the chance of property damage.

Pruning can keep your tree from tangling with power lines; if a tree touches power lines, you may experience blackouts or electric shocks. Eliminating this issue creates a more safe environment.

Aesthetic Appeal

Shapely, strong trees dramatically enhance your property values and appearance. Pruning shapes a tree into its ideal shape for visual appeal while improving health.

Why Hire a Professional? 

Amateur pruning often causes more problems than leaving the tree alone. Without proper guidance and training, you can cause the following issues:

  • Accidentally over-pruning, killing an otherwise healthy tree
  • Under pruning, wasting time and effort on ineffective tactics
  • Property damage by not following procedure
  • A danger to yourself and the surrounding structures and people

A professional offers expertise, professional equipment, and years of training to properly maintain your trees safely and effectively.

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