Can a Split Tree Branch Be Repaired?

Can a split tree branch be repaired? The short answer is that it depends on how bad the split is. Trees are extremely resilient, enabling them to survive more than you might think. In this post, Barone’s Tree Pros LLC, Brandon’s expert tree service, explains more about this topic. 

can a split tree branch be repaired

Evaluating the Damage

A branch can crack due to storm damage, excess weight, wind, or lightning damage. Fruit trees can experience breaks due to the weight of too much fruit. Repairing the broken branch as quickly as possible gives you the best chance of saving a healthy tree. 

You may also save ailing trees, but it will prove more challenging. In either event, we recommend calling in professional arborists from a reputable tree service for the best results.

The chances of success depend on how much of the broken limb is still attached. If it’s hanging by a thread, you should consider pruning it instead. 

Grafting Smaller Branches

Many people ask, “Can a split tree branch be repaired if it’s still young?” A smaller branch may be easier to fix because you can use grafting tape to hold the branch in place. Be sure to allow good contact between the two inner bark sides, and the tree should heal the wound. 

If the branch cannot stay put with just tape, you can splint the limb using some scrap lumber. Attach two planks on either side of the broken branch and tie it into place. You can also tie the branch to the one above it for further stability.

Working with Large Branches

The larger the branch, the more support it will need. A professional will usually use a selection of bolts and cables to hold the limb in place. Sometimes the best solution is to secure the branch with a long bolt.

Alternatively, you can secure the branch using a splint and then attach cables to keep it steady. Getting this right without causing excessive damage can prove challenging, so it’s best to call in a professional. 

Caring for the Tree

You can fix the tree by ensuring it has enough food and water. Cut off the end of the branch and also some budding tips to let the tree focus on fixing the break. You should check the soil moisture levels once a week to see if you need to deeply water the tree. 

If the break occurs in spring to early fall, you should also feed the tree. This will give it enough nutrients to repair the break and also to feed itself during the growing season. Measure the diameter of the tree and add one cup of fertilizer for every inch of the trunk. 

Contact the Tree Specialists

Now that you know that the answer to “Can a split tree branch be repaired?” is “Yes,” it’s time to learn how to keep trees healthy. If you need further assistance with broken limbs or any other tree issue, call Barone’s Tree Pros LLC at 601-345-8090 to schedule service. 

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