Will an Overwatered Tree Recover in Brandon, MS?

We’ve all been there, worrying if we’ve overdone it to a tree we’ve only been meaning to protect and nourish. Overwatering is a problem that new plant owners can make if they’re not careful, which may lead you to ask, “Will an overwatered tree recover?” If you want to learn the answer to this question and more, allow Barone’s Tree Pros, Brandon’s tree service, to explain everything you need to know about overwatered tree revival.

What Happens If You Overwater a Tree? Overwatered vs. Underwatered Trees

Soil needs to remain pliable for your tree’s roots to make the most of it. If your soil is too tightly packed in one spot or oversaturated with water, this can make it hard for the roots to absorb anything from it, causing the tree to suffocate. Evidence of overwatering includes signs like:

  • Drooping leaves: One of the most obvious signs of harm is drooping leaves. Leaves will be fragile and drop at the slightest touch.
  • Curling leaves: Most trees will have a curling leaf problem if they’re suffering from too much water. Curling leaves curl inward, having a wrinkled, wilted appearance.
  • Yellowing or otherwise fall coloration: Red, orange, or brown leaves don’t make your tree safe; if you notice fall coloration instead of green when the season isn’t conducive for it, you may need to call a tree expert.
  • Mold: Fungi, mushrooms, or mold are three signs that a tree is so cold, wet, and in poor health that it has become a growing place for other things. If your plant has any unusual growths, consult a tree expert.
  • Fragile branches: Both overwatered and underwatered trees share many of the same symptoms. However, underwatered trees will have dry, brittle branches; overwatered trees will have too flexible branches.

How To Fix Overwatering: Saving a Drowning Tree

If you want to work on rescuing a waterlogged plant, you’ll need to recognize the signs of overwatering trees first before you work on tree root rot recovery. If you’re wondering, “Will an overwatered tree recover?” consider some of the following steps.

1. Stop Watering the Tree

First, stop watering the tree. If you have a watering schedule for your tree, re-evaluate it with the tree’s species in mind. Think about factors like natural rainfall; if this is enough to preserve your tree, forgo any watering plans. 

2. Remove Excess Water

To remove as much water as possible from the roots to help them breathe, start by getting rid of any wet mulch or topsoil from the area. This helps the roots more easily take to the soil. Exposing the dirt to the sun will also help the area dry out so that the tree can breathe.

3. Consider Relocation

While this is truly a last-ditch attempt, there’s always the option to relocate your tree to a place that has less water. Normally, removing a tree to another location when it is already under stress is not an option. Relocation and transplant shock are both big deals for a tree, which is why we stress that if you plan on doing this, consult an expert first.

Consult Barone’s Tree Pros for All Your Tree Needs

Now that you know the answer to the question, “Will an overwatered tree recover?” why not consult Brandon’s local tree experts, Barone’s Tree Pros, about it? We specialize in plenty of tree services, such as:

  • Stump grinding
  • Emergency tree removal
  • Tree planting

If you need tree services in Brandon, or need a tree inspection for your plants, don’t wait, call us. Contact us today at 601-345-8090.

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