How Often Should You Water Newly Planted Trees on Your Brandon, MS, Property?

Are you thinking about planting a new tree on your property in Brandon, MS? Maybe you’ve already planted the tree. Either way, watering is essential for its survival, but it’s not always clear how much watering you need to do to support the tree’s growth and prevent overwatering.

How often should you water newly planted trees?

Barone’s Tree Pros, Brandon’s leading tree service contractor, clears up the confusion in this post.

how often to water newly planted trees

Meeting Hydration Needs for Newly Planted Trees in Brandon, MS

The weather in Mississippi during the growing season can be tough on new trees and shrubs. Striking the right balance in terms of watering can help save your tree from stress.  

Immediately after planting the tree, pour water around its base until you soak up the entire span of freshly turned soil. Next, you should follow a strict watering schedule. The right frequency of watering for newly planted trees is as follows:

  • Water the tree daily for the first two weeks after planting
  • Water the tree every two to three days from weeks three to 12
  • Beyond week 12, you should water the tree once a week until the roots have established

Consider these the most general guidelines for answering the question, “How often should you water newly planted trees?” Other care routines are essential to keeping your newly planted tree healthy. Factors like rainfall frequency can also influence the watering schedule for newly planted trees.

How Long Will It Take for the Roots To Establish, Assuming Proper Watering of Recently Planted Trees?

The time it takes for roots to establish fully depends on the size of the tree’s trunk. A good rule of thumb is to count one year per inch of trunk diameter.

So, if the trunk diameter is five inches, the roots will take five years to establish fully.

How Much Water Does the Newly Planted Tree Need?

The exact amount of water will vary. However, you can always follow the tried-and-tested approach of two gallons of water for every inch of trunk diameter. Going by the five-inch diameter above, you’ll need to deliver 10 gallons of water daily to your tree.

Be sure to cover the width of the “root ball” during the process to make uptake easier.

How To Avoid Overwatering or Underwatering Your Newly Planted Tree

When it comes to tree care, striking the right balance is crucial. An easy way to know whether your tree is adequately saturated is to dig two to three inches into the soil with a tool and then squeeze the soil in your hands.

The tree is adequately saturated if the ball of soil is wet but leaks no water. If water oozes out of the soil, or if you see standing water around the tree trunk hours after watering, it’s a clear sign of overwatering.

Conversely, if you dig up the soil and the shade is too light or crumbles when you squeeze, you must step up the watering.

Another way to detect overwatering and underwatering is to look at the leaves. Soft, limp leaves around your trees suggest overwatering, while brown, brittle leaves suggest underwatering.

Get Expert Guidance on Newly Planted Tree Watering Frequency From Your Local Tree Experts

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