Do Fruit Trees Attract Pests in Brandon, MS?

If you have fruit trees on your property, you want to keep them as healthy as possible. Like many homeowners and gardeners in Brandon, MS, you could even be wondering, “Do fruit trees attract pests?”

The short answer is yes! Luckily, with the right preventative measures, you can keep rodents and other pests away from your fruit trees. 

In this blog post, our professionals at Barone’s Tree Pros, Brandon’s reputable tree service company, take a deeper look into the issue of pests on fruit trees and how you can tackle it. 

do fruit trees attract pests

Why Do Fruit Trees Attract Pests?

Your fruit trees attract pests, especially rats, for several reasons:

Fruit Trees Provide Food

The fruits that your tree produces are notorious for attracting rats. These pests can’t resist the delicious, juicy fruits!

They Create a Water Source

You need to water your fruits regularly to promote healthy growth. This creates a convenient source of water, which rodents desperately need for their survival. 

Fruit Trees Provide Shelter

Rats can turn the dense foliage and branches of your fruit trees into nesting grounds and hiding spots. These pests tend to hide in the tree’s canopy, where you can’t easily see and remove them. 

How To Keep Pests Away From Your Fruit Trees

Why do fruit trees attract pests? Now that you know the answer, let’s review a few measures you can take to tackle rodent attraction and damage

Regular Tree Pruning and Trimming

Rodents can easily access your fruit trees through low-hanging branches. You may not even notice them under the cover of the dense branches!

Cutting these dangling branches and ensuring they don’t touch the ground can help keep rodents away from your trees. 

Adequate Tree Spacing 

When branches from adjacent trees touch each other, rats will have an easy time jumping from one tree to the next. When planting your fruit trees, be sure to leave a sizeable space between them. Experienced arborists recommend having a 15- to 30-foot space between fruit trees, depending on the variety. 

What if you’ve already planted your trees?

In this case, you can uproot some of the trees and relocate them. You also want to plant trees away from your house to deter roof rats. 

Immediate Fallen Fruit Removal

If you leave ripened fruit scattered around your yard, they’ll often attract pests that scavenge your backyard for food. Removing the fruits as soon as they fall will save you such headaches. 

Rat Guard installation

Installing rat guards at the base of your fruit trees prevents the pests from climbing them. You can simply wrap tough plastic or metal sheets around the tree trunks. 

Trust Your Local Tree Experts for Help

Do fruit trees attract pests? Yes, because they provide food, water, and shelter to the bothersome invaders. If you need help controlling these pests, Barone’s Tree Pros is the go-to local arborist in Brandon, MS. 

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