Can You Repair Damaged Bark on a Tree?

The bark on trees helps protect the phloem layer (a tree’s equivalent of a circulatory system) from outside damage, so taking care of damage as quickly as possible is essential. Learn about repairing damaged bark on a tree, then contact Brandon’s professional tree service.

damaged bark on a tree

How Much Damaged Bark Can a Tree Handle?

Damage of 50% or more of the bark around your tree can put its life at risk and warrants the need to call a tree care professional. Less than 50% indicates a tree can potentially recover from tree bark damage with assistance. 

Potential Solutions for Addressing Bark Damage

Let’s review some possible ways to save your tree after bark damage:

Bark Tracing

You can aid your tree in the sealing process by removing damaged tree bark. Carefully cutting an oval around the bark damage produces a smooth rim rather than an uneven one that can do more harm to the tree.

Use a hammer and sharp chisel to make two points at the top of the wound and bottom, forming an oval. Allowing the wound to naturally process without the damaged bark can help it recover, hopefully growing a new layer of bark over the affected area. 

Bark Reattachment

If you have a small amount of damaged bark on a tree, sometimes, you can reattach it. After cleaning the wound spot with only water, you can place the bark snugly into the correct area, securing it by wrapping duct tape to hold it in place. You can remove the tape within the next 12 months. Hopefully, the bark will remain stuck to the tree, offering good protection from the elements and the outside world.

Some tree wounds and healing processes are more complex, so don’t hesitate to contact a professional tree care specialist for assistance. 

Bridge Grafting

Trees face a serious risk of dying if they girdle—have a missing ring of tree bark—as they become extremely vulnerable and nutrient transportation becomes compromised. You can construct a bridge to make up for the loss by cutting scions from the tree and inserting them underneath the damaged bark.

You should cut away some of the damaged edges to allow the scion enough room. Place the scions in the direction it was growing to ensure your efforts work properly and provide the tree with appropriate access to nutrients and water. Use grafting wax on both ends to avoid dryness.

What Not To Do To Address Bark Damage

Some methods will end up doing more harm than good and could compromise the health of your trees, including:

  • Cleaning inside wound cavities
  • Applying sealant or anything other than water
  • Adding tree paint, cement, or tar on top of damaged bark wounds

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