Trees beautify the environment and add color to your both residential and commercial spaces while adding value to properties. While the importance of trees in the environment cannot be underestimated, they can sometimes be disadvantageous, causing damage to lives and surrounding properties.

Tree removal is necessary in those dangerous situations and in land clearing as well since properties can’t be constructed with instructions. However, trees cannot just be removed indiscriminately and require a tree removal permit from the municipal government granting permission to remove them. Certain conditions must also be met before the permits are issued and this may pose a problem for inexperienced people.

Tree removal permits can be obtained with the help of experts like Barone’s Tree Pros who ensure that the clients meet all the required criteria before submitting a request and getting the permit on their behalf.

Conditions For Issuance Of Tree Removal Permit

Size of the Tree

This refers to the measurements of the tree. A tree that is more than 9 inches in diameter and 4 ½ feet in height is considered an ordinance tree. Any trees that obstruct the visibility triangle can also be permitted for removal.


There are some specific species that are protected by the state. These include endangered species and trees that are symbolic in the state like the Great Oak tree. However, any invasive trees are permitted to be removed.

Assessment Report

This is a report made by a certified arborist which provides information that proves that a tree must be absolutely removed without any other way around it. If there are any mitigation options for the tree, the tree may not be permitted for removal. 

At Barone’s Tree Pros, the experts have developed their sense of keen observation to correctly assess the condition of the tree and the potential damage or risk it could cause, then plan for appropriate solutions.

Professional Tree Removal Permit Help in Brandon, MS

Barone’s Tree Pro is a family-owned tree service company in the Jackson area, MS that have served residential and commercial property owners for over 30 years. 

They have a team of well trained, insured and certified arborists who ensure that only the best service is delivered to each customer. 

They provide all the help they can get in ensuring your tree removal permit request is duly accepted and utilize the safest, high-quality, and state of the art equipment to remove the trees. They also offer amazing discounts to senior citizens and military personnel.

To get a FREE estimate or speak to a representative, call them at 6013458090 or visit their website for more information.

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