As winter cold continues to intensify, many homeowners are curious to know if they have to perform any maintenance work on their landscape.

Canton, MS is a beautiful city that holds a lot of attractions for visitors and residents alike. Like many cities in Mississippi, Canton is dotted with many strong and beautiful trees such as elms, locusts, white ash, river birch, and osage orange.

While many homeowners leave their trees in winter, the colder months are the best time to care for your trees and prepare them for the coming blooming season.

Trees go dormant during winter, which makes them less susceptible to injury, disease and pest infestation. Effective pruning can help your fruit bearing trees to maximize fruit production in springtime.

If you’re still wondering if winter tree pruning is necessary, consider the following benefits:

Easy tree inspection: Above any other considerations, you want to ensure that your tree remains in its best condition year round. One of the ways to achieve this is through pruning done by a professional. During winter, most trees have shed leaves, which makes it easier to see the structure of the tree. This means you can easily spot dead, diseased or damaged branches.

Enhanced beauty in spring: There’s no better way to prepare your trees for the springtime than pruning it. Pruning involves removal of diseased, dead and damaged parts branches in order to stimulate new growth. Pruning helps revive, and rejuvenate your trees.

Less risk of disease and infection: Pruning any other season, especially fall can expose your trees to numerous diseases and fungal infections, such as oak wilt, Dutch elm, and cedar hawthorn. In winter, most of these disease causing insects and pests are rarely found around, making winter a safer time for pruning.

Winter Tree Pruning is More Efficient

In Northern Mississippi, the ground freezes in winter. This frozen ground makes the surrounding landscape also dormant, making it easy to bring in heavy equipment without causing any damage to your landscape. This results in faster work, lower costs and better outcomes.

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