The crew at Barone’s Tree Pros has been in the tree care business for over three decades. Over the course of their careers, these professionals have learned that the winter season presents several challenges to tree health. Barone’s Tree Pros is spotlighting some common tree care issues that local property owners may encounter this winter.

1. Winter Burn

Winter burn is a condition in which evergreen foliage becomes bleached or brown during the winter. While there are several factors that cause winter burn, the underlying issue is the injury or death of tree tissue due to the cold temperatures.

2. Frost Heaving

A condition that occurs when soil repeatedly freezes and thaws, frost heaving propels small, shallow-rooted trees out of the ground. These plants become exposed and dried out by the wind.

3. Winter Drought

During winter, trees – especially evergreens – struggle to absorb water from the frozen ground. An article from the Tree Care Industry Association recommends that, in the fall, property owners should “mulch and water the area around the tree thoroughly to compensate.” The article continues, “To gauge your progress, dig down six inches deep and form a ball with the soil. If the soil stays clumped together, your tree has enough water.”

4. Salt Damage

Salt is great for removing snow and ice from sidewalks and roads, but people may not realize that this mineral can damage trees and other greenery. Once salt deposits reach the roots, stems, and buds of a tree, it stunts the tree’s growth and injures its foliage. According to The Morton Arboretum, “Symptoms of salt damage appear in spring and early summer and include browning of evergreens, leaf scorch, branch die back, and dead areas in turf. Branches and twigs can be killed from aerial deposits, and roots can be damaged from salt remaining in the soil. Salt will leach through well-drained soils, but damage can be extensive in poorly drained soils.”

5. Animal Damage

Rodents commonly feed on tree bark throughout the winter months. Deer also enjoy nibbling on trees, although they prefer tree stems and branches. Unfortunately, animal feeding habits expose the tree’s base and can cause tree death.

6. Snow and Ice Damage

Accumulation of winter elements causes branches to bend, snap, or break completely. Broken or dead branches that are weighted down with snow or ice can fall without warning. A tree care professional should be called as soon as possible to remove such branches safely.

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