When it comes to tree emergencies, every minute counts. Stalling a pruning or removal service puts your life and loved ones at risk of terrible injury from a falling tree. 

Barone’s Tree Pros shares signs that show you need emergency tree service.

Signs That you May Need Emergency Tree Service

1. Your Tree Threatens Your Home

If you planted your tree without consulting an arborist, you may have overlooked the distance between the tree and your home. And as the tree becomes larger and taller, the root spreads further to support the weight of the tree. 

The miscalculation then becomes obvious as the root threatens your foundation and the limbs hang over your roof. 

It’s even more dangerous if the tree is unhealthy. Weak and broken limbs could fall over your roof, leaving you with unplanned finances. The root could damage your foundation causing much bigger problems.

2. Storm Damage

The aftermath of a windstorm can be very unpredictable. The mess it creates could have you wondering if you woke up in another person’s home. 

Your property is filled with debris, stressed trees, and maybe some fallen branches and trees. Honestly, it can be quite overwhelming. You do not want your customers to see your business in that state.

Thankfully, you don’t have to clean up, yourself. An expert tree emergency service in Jackson, MS, is always available for storm cleanup. 

3. The Tree is Infected

Tree infections should be treated immediately after it is detected. If you are lucky, the infection could be at an early stage and an arborist may be able to save the tree by pruning off damaged limbs.

If the infection becomes widespread, you will not only be concerned about the tree, but you will also have to deal with other infected trees and shrubs in your landscape. 

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With over 30 years of experience in the arborist business, their experts can handle every tree’s needs. 

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