The winter months are here, and this is a period trees become dormant. If you want your trees to stay healthy and survive the wintry months and beyond then you have to be intentional about taking good care of them, ensuring they are getting the right nutrients and are in the best shape possible.

So, how exactly can you care for your trees during winter? Below are some of the effective and easy to implement ways you can give your trees the best care during this period.

Winter Tree Care Tips

Inspect your trees. This is the first important step you need to take during winter. You want to carefully inspect your trees to see what they need or are lacking so that you can give them exactly that. During your inspection, if you may discover that your tree needs structural pruning if they have damaged branches. To get this done correctly, it is best to hire a certified and experienced arborist to handle the job to avoid any damage to your tree.

Avoid sweeping salt into tree boxes. Why? Because salt can make it more difficult for roots to absorb water, even into spring. And you very well know that if your tree doesn’t get sufficient water, its leaves will begin to wither and that may signal the death of the tree.

Protect your trees from freezing. The winter months are extremely cold with long and extended days of snowfall. A drop in temperature can have several damaging effects on your tree’s wellbeing, and this is why it is important to protect your tree from the winter freeze. Please note that young trees and certain tropical species can’t stand freezing temperatures below 32 degrees. To prevent your trees from freezing, you can cover them with burlap, sheet or tarps.

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