There’s no doubt that trees can improve the aesthetic of your home and its value. But when a tree proves to be a risk, it needs to be taken down quickly, which is best done by an expert.

Although it might look simple, tree work, especially tree removal, is fraught with risks and dangers. It often requires machinery like chainsaws, which can cause severe injuries if used wrongly.

The experts at Barones Tree Pros, a professional tree removal company in Jackson, MS, explain the importance of hiring an expert for tree removal in your home or business.

Tree removal carries the following risks:

  • Falling Branches/Trees: Trees and tree branches weigh a lot, depending on their sizes. So, where they fall when being cut can make a huge difference. If a tree falls wrongly, it can damage properties and injure the people around it, including the person cutting it. Professional arborists like Barones Tree Pros are experienced in the art of tree cutting. They know where and how to cut any tree to prevent any issues.
  • Specialized equipment: OSHA requires tree removal workers to wear full-body protective equipment. Tree care workers are also taught how to use chainsaws, ropes, cranes, and wood chippers to safely fall and dispose of trees. Homeowners would need all of this equipment and the requisite abilities to complete an effective and safe removal. Without it, you put yourself in unnecessary danger.
  • Electricity Risks: It’s dangerous to work near power lines, and you should always presume the wires are active. If you, your tools, or the tree collide with a power line, you may – if you’re lucky – knock out the power in your area; otherwise, you may almost certainly get electrocuted.
  • Dangerous Equipment and Machinery: To cut a tree, you need specialized equipment like a chainsaw, branch shredder, and others, which are very dangerous. If used wrongly, these tools can result in severe lacerations or even limb amputation.

Hire Professional Tree Removal Services in Jackson, MS

The best thing you can do to ensure the safety of your property and its occupants is to hire a competent and experienced tree removal company like Barones Tree Pros.

They are a local leader in Jackson, MS, with over 30 years of offering tree care and tree removal services. Their arborists are trained, insured, experienced, and equipped with state-of-the-art tools to remove any tree without issues. 

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