Mississippi has a reputation for being one of the most heavily wooded states in the US. Across the state, the residents love their trees, the shade they provide and the role they play in enhancing their homes’ curb appeal.

However, having trees in your landscape also has its downsides. A diseased, dead or damaged tree can pose a significant safety risk. After a storm or heavy rain, a tree’s branches can fall off on the roof or window, causing damage to your property or exposing your family to harm.

If you notice a hazardous tree in your garden, call an expert immediately for inspection. Professional Flowood tree service experts at Barone’s Tree Pros can diagnose, treat and remove dangerous trees. Don’t let a dangerous tree wreak havoc on your home. Get in touch with Barone’s Tree Pros to keep your home and family safe.

Dangers of Bad Trees

Hazardous trees are trees that pose a threat to your safety and that of your property. They are commonly dead or dying trees. When a tree is dead or dying, its root system becomes weak, putting the tree in looming danger of toppling and crushing anything in its path.

Although some trees collapse under their own weight, the most common scenario for tree damage is during severe weather such as heavy winds or storms. Typically, a healthy tree can withstand harsh weather conditions. But a dead or dying tree caught in the middle of a strong gush may not be able to resist the assaults and may end up collapsing onto a house, a vehicle or a neighbor’s problem.

What to Do About a Dangerous Tree

Since a dangerous tree, such as dead, diseased or dying trees pose a significant risk to people and property, it should be removed. However, removing trees isn’t a DIY project to attempt. Tree removal is typically dangerous and can result in serious injury or even death.

Homeowners who attempt tree removal on their own face the risk of dropping branches or an entire tree on nearby property, sustaining life-altering injuries from the tools, and attracting liability from collateral damage to nearby structures.

The best and safest way to get dangerous tree removed from your property is to engage the service of a professional tree removal service in Flowood, MS.

Professionals at Barone’s Tree Pros are experienced, and equipped with the right skills to remove dangerous trees from your home without causing any damage to your home. They take on your project with great care and caution.

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