Mississippi ranks high on America’s list of flood-disturbed areas. This is not about to change soon, as the Mayor recently declared a state of emergency, ordering all residents to move out of Jackson because of an expected flood.

When flooding happens, humans suffer the most damage, as they get displaced from their homes and businesses. Additionally, plants and trees also suffer flood damage. Worse, some trees don’t survive flood damage.

If your tree has suffered flood damage and you need an arborist to examine it, hire Barone’s Tree Pros. They have a team of trained tree care experts ready to nurture your tree back to life after a flood.

5 Ways To Care For Your Tree After Flood Damage

You can manage the damage of flood on your trees with the following steps:

  • Look out for Exposed Roots: 

One typical damage floods do to trees is washing off the soil covering their roots. If the tree’s root has been exposed, but the tree is still standing strong, add soil to cover up the root. Cover the root as soon as possible before it dries off.  

  • Remove Dead Branches:

After the water recedes, look for broken branches on your tree and cut them off. However, be careful not to over-prune your tree, as it needs every bit of branches and leaves to help it recover. Remove only damaged branches and ensure to keep all healthy leaves and stems.

  • Look out for Pest Infection: 

Flood-damaged trees are usually home to pests and bacteria. Inspect your tree for signs of infection and apply pesticides if you find any pests.

  • Give Your Tree Nutrients: 

Having too much water around trees reduces photosynthesis. Hence, after the flood, your tree may be lacking in some needed nutrients. Have an arborist check your tree for lacking nutrients and add them to the soil through mulching and fertilizers.

  • Consult a Certified Arborist: 

Trees can also suffer physiological damage from physical damage after a flood. Have a certified check your trees to determine the level of damage and what you can do to help them recover.

Hire Certified Arborists In Jackson, Mississippi 

Barone’s Tree Pros is a locally owned and operated tree care company in Jackson, MS. They have professional arborists committed to providing the best services to their clients in and around Mississippi.

Barone’s Tree Pros offers various tree care services, including tree planting, tree removal, pruning, stump grinding, and root removal.

Contact Barone’s Tree Pros at 601-345-8090 or visit their official website to make more inquiries.

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