should i remove a tree close to house

“Why should I remove a tree close to my house?” is one of the most common questions tree service professionals in Canton hear. The simple answer is to prevent the roots and branches from causing structural damage to the home. Whether too close to your house or on your neighbor’s property, you need to know when it’s time for strategic tree removal. 

Why is a Tree Near a House Problematic?  

The tree is a growing organism that can cause extensive damage to a home, even when in perfect health. There are several good reasons to call a tree service for assistance with this issue, such as: 

The Tree May Become Unstable

A strong gust of wind, underlying instability after a storm, or the excessive growth of some tree branches can impact the tree’s balance. It may teeter on the edge of falling for seconds or years, but it’s always possible.

While some interventions can rectify the situation, it is more prudent to ask, “Should I remove a tree so close to my house?” Removal is often the safest and only permanent solution.

A Dying Tree Poses a Significant Threat

Keeping a tree’s canopy under control requires sturdy trunk and root support. With an ailing tree, both begin to wither and weaken. Whether through disease or the actions of insects, rot sets in, killing the tree. 

As this happens, the leaves wither, branches dry out, and the roots lose their grip. Eventually, the dead tree becomes top-heavy, and the canopy’s weight can tip it over. However, long before this stage, any type of tree can already pose a threat. 

A gust of wind or stormy weather can turn dried branches into projectile weapons. At best, they drop to the ground beneath, taking a few more branches with them. At worst, they fly through the air on the wind, becoming treacherous missiles. 

Trees May Carry Infestations 

Insects are explorers by nature. Given the opportunity, they will infest a tree, risking both the tree’s health and your home’s safety. A tree too close to the house can act as a pathway to disaster.  

Your home is an attractive source of food, moisture, and shelter, and a tree branch rubbing a window sill is the perfect conduit. Termites and ants might also travel into your home’s infrastructure through the tree’s extensive root system. 

Rodents and other creatures may burrow into the dead wood to create a snug nest. Then it’s just a quick scurry to the nearby house for a bite to eat. Removing the tree evicts these pesky neighbors, keeping you and your family safe. 

Now you can answer, “Why should I remove a tree close to the house?”  If you have a tree that’s a bit too close for comfort, put your mind at ease by calling Barone’s Tree Pros at 601-345-8090. We’ll evaluate the situation, offer to help you find out which trees can help soak excess water, ensure the health of your trees, and advise you on the way forward. 

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