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The last thing you want to see is your tree succumbing to preventable tree disease. However, many of such diseases are not obvious until they become serious. 

It is frustrating to deal with advanced tree diseases, especially when you care about the trees on your property. Luckily, you can book an appointment for tree services by Barone’s Tree Pros in Canton to maintain healthy trees in your yard. 

This article explores common tree diseases, their symptoms, and what to do about them.

Top Tree Diseases in Mississippi

Trees in Mississippi are likely to suffer from several diseases, including:


Anthracnose is a fungal disease that attacks deciduous trees, including oak, dogwood, maple, and ash. The fungi attack leaves, flowers, twigs, and fruits. Anthracnose symptoms vary depending on the host species and pathogen.

Symptoms include premature defoliation, twig death, browning leaves, and dying buds.

Prevention and control strategies include injecting the trunk with systematic fungicide. You can also apply fungicides on foliar two weeks before the bud breaks.

Thousand Canker Disease

Thousand canker disease occurs after walnut beetles carrying fungus create small cankers beneath the tree’s branches and stems.

It is a complex disease, and trees may have it for years before showing symptoms. The disease has no cure, and once it attacks a tree, it dies after several years.

Verticillium Wilt

Verticillium wilt is common in deciduous trees. It causes discolored leaf spots and wilting. Eventually, the disease causes leaves to fall off prematurely. After some time, the stem and branches die as well.

The disease originates from the soil and spreads to the roots. The symptoms are fast to show and can appear at any development stage.

There is no fungicide for treating verticillium wilt. However, you can manage an infected tree through proper pruning and watering.

Rose Rosette Disease

Rose rosette disease is a condition that causes roses to develop deformed flowers, leaves, and stems. Rose rosette transfers from one tree to another through mites.

Symptoms include deformed flowers, stunted and yellow foliage, thick stems, and flower buds that grow in tight clusters.

A stressed tree might have one or more of these symptoms confined to one part of the plant.

Controlling Tree Disease in Mississippi

There are various approaches to treating and controlling different diseases. Therefore, it would be best to work with a tree professional as they know the most effective solutions.

At Barone’s Tree Pros, we perform proper tree disease identification and recommend the appropriate treatment plan.

However, it is vital to note that not all diseases are treatable. Some may be too extreme for tree recovery, while others do not have conventional chemical treatments.

When you reach out to Barone’s Tree Pros, you can trust us to be honest about your tree conditions and manage your expectations. Additionally, we can recommend the perfect tree species for your landscape.

Work With Top Arborists in Mississippi

It is too late to save a diseased tree if it dies. However, telling the difference between stressed trees and dead ones may be difficult. 

Know how to tell whether a tree is dead with these tips. You can also contact Barone’s Tree Pros at 601-345-8090 for more information about tree diseases.

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