types of trees in mississippi

Knowing the different types of trees in Mississippi and correctly identifying helps provide the proper treatment and maintenance. There are many ways to identify a tree, including the shape and color of its leaves, bark texture, size, and more.  

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Water Oak Tree 

Also known as Quercus nigra, the water oak can grow up to 100 feet tall with a trunk diameter of 3 feet. An easy way to identify this tree is by its leaves, which can survive on the branches until mid-winter. The leaves vary in size and color. 

The water oak tree leaves are a toned-down green at the top that slowly turns into a pale, blue-ish green towards the bottom. They often look as if there is a drop of water hanging from the bottom of the leaf, making them truly unique. 

Red Maple Tree 

The red maple is one of the most common types of trees in Mississippi. Also known as the swamp maple or soft maple, this beautiful maple can reach a height of 120 feet. 

The red maple leaves typically turn a bright red in the fall. However, the leaves can also turn orange or yellow depending on the soil acidity. This tree is very adaptable to various weather conditions, allowing it to grow in many climates. 

Loblolly Pine Tree 

The loblolly pine, also known as Pinus taeda, is the second most common tree found in the United States. It can grow up to 115 feet, with its trunk reaching a diameter of 5 feet. The majority of its needles fall during the autumn and winter months. 

The loblolly pine tree thrives in acidic clay soil, found primarily in swampy areas. The tree’s seed cones are green in color and turn brown when closed. 

American Sweetgum Tree

The American sweetgum tree is a deciduous tree that has numerous names. The most common are hazel pine, redgum, satin-walnut, alligator wood, or star-leaved gum. The name “star-leaved gum” originates from the noticeable star-shaped leaves that grow on its branches. 

The star-shaped leaves can have anywhere from 3 to 7 points but typically have 5. These luscious green leaves are smooth and shiny in the summer and are food to Luna and Promethea moth caterpillars. When autumn arrives, these leaves change color to a vibrant red, yellow, orange, or purple. 

The American Sweetgum produces a hard, spiked fruit and provides the most common hardwood in the southeastern states. The wood has a reddish-brown coloring popular for plywood, lumber, and veneer. 

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