tree removal laws

Trees are an essential part of the environment for their air purification purposes. However, they can endanger human lives and damage property when neglected.

If you are a Brandon, MS, native, you cannot remove a tree without a municipality permit. There are exceptions to this law. You can remove a tree without a permit if it is dead, small, or close to your home.

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Planting, Maintenance, and Pruning

The city has a responsibility to encourage the planting and growth of trees. However, if you want to plant a tree in a public place, you must abide by a written policy. It will be upon the municipality to care for a tree and remove it if it poses a risk to the public.


Whether on public or private property, a tree is deemed hazardous if it limits the view on a pathway, endangering the public. This law also applies to poorly maintained trees that may affect utility lines above or underground.

Dead or dying trees on private property or public places are considered hazardous and subject to immediate removal. If you have a tree, shrub, or plant that poses a health, safety, or welfare risk to the public, you must remove it.

Tree Owner Responsibility

According to tree removal laws, you are responsible for pruning hanging branches blocking public walkways. Pruning prevents the obstruction of intersection visibility and street lighting intensity.

General tree law requires trees to be 13 feet above the street and eight feet above the sidewalk. You are also responsible for removing dead, broken, and decayed branches from trees on your property out of the public way.

Toxins Protection

It is unlawful for any person or tree service to use harmful substances or chemicals that endanger a tree’s health. This prohibition also applies to trees near car parking areas prone to oil and motor lubricant spills.

Tree Removal Notice

Upon determining that a tree on your property is a nuisance, the community development director or their representative gives you a written notice with instructions to remove the tree within 30 days.

The notice explains the tree’s location on your property and why the tree species is a nuisance. Failure to act after the stated period gives the municipality the right to remove the tree and place the costs on you.

Improper Tree Planting

If you plant a tree in conflicted areas, like between your property and a curbside, the municipality has the right to remove it. You will, however, cover the costs incurred during the tree removal process.

Barone’s Tree Pros, Your Law Compliant Tree Care Service

Following tree removal laws is essential when you have a tree, shrub, or plant that poses health, safety, or welfare risks. While you can remove a tree without a permit, that doesn’t apply to all situations in Brandon, MS. Learn about what to ask a tree service company to help you follow local tree removal laws.

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