what to ask tree service

Removing trees or tree trimming takes careful work with the correct equipment and experience. Therefore, finding a tree service that can help you with the process is essential. Before you hire a company, knowing what to ask a tree service business will help you choose the best one. 

Asking the right questions will determine if it is a reliable and reputable company. If you live in Mississippi, check out Barone’s Tree Pros. It is Richland’s top-rated tree service.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

Asking a tree service company about licensing will show it is legitimate. The business should have insurance to cover liability and worker’s compensation. Ask for a copy of the insurance policies to see if they have proper coverage. 

Can I Get a Detailed Estimate?

You want to have a detailed quotation of how much the service will cost. Some companies will price some services separately or increase the price of adding something else. So, ask specific questions about the price of the service you need.

  • How many branches are included in trimming?
  • Is stump removal included with tree removal?
  • Will you fix the damaged lawn caused by your services?
  • Is the price included with removing all debris?


Ensuring a detailed estimation will help prevent unexpected charges and include all work you need. Once you know the estimate, ask the company how long the quote will be valid for if you don’t plan to hire immediately. 

How Is My Property Protected?

Finding a professional tree service business with a plan or process for protecting your property is crucial. It shows that the company is taking the right precautions and priority in your concerns and their business. 

 What Equipment Are You Using?

Yard work requires the proper tools to clean and remove any trees or other debris. You want the business to use professional-quality equipment to get the job done. Furthermore, ask the company if they require safety equipment such as hard hats and harnesses to protect their employees. 

Will You Clean the Yard After the Job?

You want the business to restore your property at the end of a completed yard service, such as picking up the leaves from a freshly trimmed large tree. Ask if cleanup is included with the service fee. 

How Long Is the Process?

Depending on the complexity of the service you need, the projects will have different length times. Before choosing a business to hire, compare how long the job will take with other companies. Some tree service companies will give a shorter timeline but always ensure they know what they are doing before deciding. 

No matter which company you choose to hire, knowing what to ask a tree service will help you find the best business. You can also visit the International Society of Arboriculture to verify credentials. Learn more tips when hiring a professional tree service

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