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If you’re new to tree triming, you most likely have a lot of questions on your mind. For instance, is pruning safe for your tree? And is it necessary? How and when should you prune your tree? Should you call a professional tree trimming company or can you prune trees on your own?

Fortunately for you, we have the answers to these questions. Namely, tree trimming is a safe and necessary part of tree care. But that’s only true if it’s done correctly.

To that point, this guide lists the most important tree trimming tips you need to know. Read on to learn more.

1. General Tree Trimming Tips

The first rule is that you shouldn’t cut too close to the stem or trunk. You’ll see a lip of tree tissue around the base of each branch. This is called the stem collar.

When you trim a branch, don’t damage the stem collar or you can harm the stem. Instead, cut further out.

Also, make sure you obtain the proper tree trimming tools and educate yourself on how to use them. Be sure to keep them cleaned and sharpened, too.

Lastly, the tips on this list are very general. But there are many tree species that have unique care needs. Always research how to care for the specific types of trees you have on your property.

2. Spring Tree Trimming Tips

Trim spring-blooming trees just after they first bloom. This encourages healthy new growth throughout the season. Prune dead blossoms and any unhealthy branches you see.

3. Summer Tree Trimming Tips

Most trees don’t need trimming in summer. But it can be a good idea to trim your fruit-bearing trees in this season. Specifically, if their canopies are very thick, try to thin them out so that the trees can absorb more light.

Also, watch out for weak branches that could break under the weight of a full load of fruit. At least trim these down a bit to prevent this hazard.

4. Fall Tree Trimming Tips

Fall is a good time for any type of pruning. Cutting in fall, while the trees are dormant, boosts healthy growth in the spring. Thus, you should use this time to shape unsightly trees, cut weak or overly-heavy branches, and prune diseased growth.

That said, you don’t want to cut too early in the season. If you wait to prune until all the leaves fall, the cuts will heal more quickly.

5. Winter Tree Trimming Tips

For the same reasons mentioned in the last section, winter is a great time to prune. If you’ve been procrastinating your tree trimming earlier in the year, finish it up in the winter.

Don’t Forget These Tree Trimming Tips

To keep your trees healthy all year long, it’s essential that you follow the tree trimming advice above. Keep this guide bookmarked so that you won’t forget.

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