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Did you know Mississippi landowners own around 88 percent of aboveground live-tree biomass? 

If you’re part of that large percentile, you would know the benefits of owning trees. They provide shade during the hot summers and protection during wet winters. 

But do you know when they need to be pruned? 

Tree care is important to ensure your tree’s health, structure, and beauty. Find out what signs to look for when it’s time to prune your tree. 

1. Dead, Dying, Diseased, or Damaged Limbs

If you see large sections of deadwood on the tree or on its branches, it could be a sign that your tree is dying. It’s best to take down the diseased limbs before it infects the entire tree.

The same goes for broken branches. This might be from a recent storm or heavy winds.

If the branches are small and at a reasonable height, you can do this yourself. But larger branches should always be handled by a professional.

2. Dense Over-Growth

If you look through your tree and can’t see the other side, it’s time to give it a trim. You might not notice straight away, but it’s an important sign to look out for. A thick tree is a sign that it’s too dense and can be a potential hazard.

During storms and heavy winds, dense branches can cause property, car, and street damage. The next time you’re outside, take a look at your trees. Can you see the branches clearly?

3. Risk to Safety 

If tree branches or foliage are touching an overhead utility line, the electricity can actually pass through the tree. This can interrupt your electricity, cause fire damage and give electric shocks. 

Storms are often to blame, but if you have let your tree grow too close you might be responsible for pruning it back. Because of the dangers associated, you must contact your local tree service to safely complete the task. 

4. Crossing Branches

Crossed branches are branches that have grown to rub against one another. This is usually due to windy weather that causes the bark to scrape away leaving exposed branches. 

Similar to misshapen trees, crossed branches can cause major damage to trees. If left untreated, the branches may merge together, decay, and/or eventually die. 

Your Guide to Tree Care

Proper tree pruning is key to the long-term health of your tree. It also mitigates any potential safety issues and improves the overall appearance. 

But without proper training and equipment, mistakes can happen. That’s why it’s best to hire a tree service instead of taking matters into your own hands. 

Barone’s Tree Pros are tree service professionals in Brandon, Mississippi. We’re your one-stop shop for everything tree care-related. Whether you need complete tree removal, pruning, or stump grinding, we’re here for you. 

If you think your tree needs pruning, the tree care Mississippi specialists have it covered. Contact us today.  

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