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Did you know that 81% of Americans own a lawn or green space?

Caring for the trees, shrubs, and plants in your yard is all part of being a proud homeowner. While a tree can be an attractive backyard feature, old or damaged trees can pose a risk to your property and environmental health.

That’s why it is essential to know when to remove a tree that could cause an issue. By learning what to look out for, you can remove the hazard from your yard before it becomes a problem.

Read on to find out more about when to remove a problem tree.

1. Visual Signs

You can spot a few indicators that a tree may need removing just by looking at it.

Not all signs of damage mean the tree needs removal – many trees can be saved. However, you should look out for signs that the tree is dying, such as cracks or decay in the trunk. If you notice dead areas where branches used to grow, it may be time to call a tree removal service and move on.

Next, you should check out the base of the tree. If you spot new growth at the bottom of the trunk or from the roots, this strongly indicates structural damage. Fungus growth is also a bad sign, as it means the tree is rotting or diseased and should be removed.

2. Tree Posture

The way a tree is growing can tell you a lot about its health.

Healthy trees are erect, with a slight incline towards the sun and with the prevailing wind. But if a tree has a noticeable lean, this usually indicates some sort of structural problem. Dying or dead trees may be rotting at the root system, forcing the tree’s posture off-center.

If you need an arborist to check your tree for signs of structural damage or rot, we offer a comprehensive service in Brandon, Mississippi and the surrounding Jackson area. Our tree removal service comes with a free, no-obligation quote.

3. Location

Sometimes, you have no choice to remove a healthy tree due to its location.

When trees grow too close to powerlines or houses, they can pose a hazard. It’s important to act before they cause a problem. Branches overhanging roofs are a serious risk in bad weather and could leave you with a hefty insurance claim on your hands.

Unfortunately, trees are sometimes simply in the way. It is better to remove and replace a hazardous tree than risk damage to property or personal injury.

Knowing When to Remove a Tree

So, that’s our guide on when to remove a tree. By knowing what to look out for, you can be proactive in your yard care. 

Barone’s Tree Pros offer a comprehensive pruning, clearance, and tree removal service in Brandon, MS and the surrounding areas. When it comes to a friendly, local tree removal company, we have you covered. 

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