Fall tree care in Mississippi is an important aspect of tree ownership. Trees are a valuable asset offering many benefits, and they should be maintained and cared for. Fall is a good time for many aspects of tree care, and each tree should be carefully tended to for optimal survival and in order to thrive throughout its lifetime.

As fall wanes and winter approaches, the temperatures will begin to drop. The trees will enter their dormant state, which ensures their survival during the winter months. Fall care will help the trees to optimize this dormancy, and reawaken in the spring ready to flourish for another year.

Hydration is an important aspect of fall tree care that is often overlooked. During their dormant phase, the trees have lost their leaves, while the roots absorb any resources and nutrients available. A tree requires approximately an inch of water per week to maintain a strong root system and optimal nutrient absorption. During the fall months, the trees also require an extra amount of nutrients in order to prepare themselves for the winter months. Fertilization is an excellent fall tree care and maintenance step to accomplish, ensuring that each tree has an optimal nutritional supply to withstand its dormant phase.  

Trimming and pruning is also an important aspect of tree care, and the fall time is a good time to accomplish this task. Trimming and pruning allow for the removal of dead or diseased limbs before the winter weather arrives. A beautifully and properly trimmed tree will look healthy and vibrant, especially when covered with that colorful autumn foliage. Trimming away dead, broken, or diseased limbs is essential for good tree health, and gives the tree an excellent head start when the new spring growth occurs.

While fall tree care can certainly be a DIY project, it’s often best to seek the advice and aid of a professional to ensure optimal results. Barones Tree Pros offers their clients a wide range services. Serving the Jackson area, Barones Tree Pros has the skills and expertise to accomplish the job in a competent and professional manner. With over 30 years of combined experience, the team at Barones Tree Pros provides expert fall tree care, allowing their clients the satisfaction of knowing that their trees are in the best possible hands.

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